About The Merman


The Merman's sea-based sun care products are loaded with nutrients that heal & protect men's skin & hair from the elements, recover from sun damage, & invigorate the senses with an authentic sea-breeze aroma.

Merman Skin

The Merman obtains His Merman skin with the Everything Sea Spray. Made with all-natural ingredients, it helps:

  • Boost tanning

  • Moisturize dry scales

  • Fight face & body acne

  • Perfumes with a masculine sea-breeze aroma
What's in it?

Merman Hair

The Merman's hair is envied across the Seven Seas. For hair as renowned as His, the Everything Sea Spray helps:

  • Moisturize & heal damage

  • Eliminate frizz

  • Create texture & definiton

  • Curl & volumize even flat, straight hair

  • Soften for sexy, touchable hair

What's in it?

Merman Lips

The Merman's lips are legend, known only by the fairest of all Mer-ladies. The Merman's Lip Balm helps:

  • Protect & recover from sun damage

  • Sweeten with Aloe + Coconut + Seaweed + Rum

  • Moisturize, soften, and seal with natural humectants, emollients, & occlusives
What's in it?

Specific Ingredients & Benefits

These ingredients are used across The Merman's line of manly sun-care products. Check your packaging to see what's in your specific Merman product.

  • Green Tea

    Energize & Soothe redness,

    Stimulate hair growth

  • Sea Salt

    Antibacterial for acne,

    Texturize & Volume

  • Pink Himalayan Salt

    Exfoliating & Mineral-rich,

    Strengthen & Moisturize

  • Coconut Oil

    Moisturize & Tan boost,


  • Aloe Vera Juice

    Sunburn recovery & Hydrate,

    Soothe irritation

  • Seaweed Extract

    Essential nutrients,

    Shine & Softness

  • Vitamin E Oil

    Protect from sun & wrinkles,

    Repair damage

  • Vanilla

    Antioxidant for acne,

    Antioxidant for hair

  • Essential Oils Blend


    Authentic sea-breeze

  • Soy Lecithin

    Soften & Smooth,

    Protein & Shine

  • Honey

    Natural Humectant for hydrated lips

  • Brown Sugar

    Gentle exfoliation,

    Lip sweetener

  • Non-Nano Zinc Oxide

    Environment & reef safe UV sun protection

  • Shea Butter

    Intense healing,


  • Beeswax

    Protective moisture barrier