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The Merman

Sea Spray & Clay Bundle

Sea Spray & Clay Bundle

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Curling Sea Clay by The Merman is specially created to curl, texturize, and fluff even the straightest of hair types for an all day hold, while Everything Sea Spray Face, Body, & Hair Mist gives men the deep tan of a sailor, the beachy curls of a surfer, and the soft hair-and-skin touch of the sea breeze.

How it works: For extra defined curls, combine Merman's Everything Sea Spray with the Curling Sea Clay. Using this Curling Clay alone will allow for a fluffier, volumized style. Adding Merman's Sea Salt Spray will activate the volcanic bentonite clay particles, allowing for maximum definition, texture, and curl!

It's the ultimate Merman deal!


Sea Spray:

  1. Green Tea
  2. Sea Salt
  3. Pink Himalayan Salt
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Aloe Vera Juice
  6. Seaweed Extract
  7. Vitamin E Oil
  8. Vanilla
  9. Essential Oils Blend
  10. Sunflower Lecithin

Sea Clay

  1. Volcanic Bentonite Clay
  2. Castor Seed Oil
  3. Coconut Oil
  4. Beeswax
  5. Arrow Root Powder
  6. Essential Oils Blend

Sea Spray +

Made from all-natural ingredients like sea salt, coconut oil, aloe vera juice, seaweed extract, & vitamin e oil to heal and moisturize everything it touches. 

PRO- Texture, volume, shine, hold, growth, & softness for hair. Moisturize, tan-boost, sunburn recovery, refreshing, & vitalizing for skin. 

ANTI- Frizz & damage for hair. Fight body/face acne, redness, & irritation for skin.

Sea Clay +

Made from volcanic bentonite clay, coconut oil, and beeswax for an authentic Merman seaside experience. Enjoy the warm coconut and citrusy bergamot signature scent "Surf Shop" derived from a gentle, all natural essential oils blend.

How to Use

Scoop dime-sized amount of clay, thoroughly spread clay across fingers, scrunch clay into dry/damp hair.

Alternate applying clay and spray while scrunching and finger curling to achieve the curls of your dreams. 

Check The Merman's Instagram and Tiktok for tutorials on how to get wavy and curly hair!

Returns & Refunds

Click HERE to start your return/exchange, or contact The Merman at within 30 days of receiving your order for a refund or free exchange in case of melted wax, damaged labels, leaking bottles, etc. Some restrictions may apply (i.e. used/opened cosmetic products may not be returned for refund!).

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